Thursday, February 18, 2010

american pride...

this is the first year that i have really gotten into the winter olympics. I mean i really hate the cold & i really really really really dislike the snow (esp since we have gotten wayyyy too much this year in b-more)... but i've been finding myself watching the olympics every night when i come home. Some of the sports i sit back & wonder the heck did they ever decide this is the (insert crazy sport in here) that i want to excel at? Of course i tend to be drawn to the more extreme sports such as snowboarding ( i mean shaun white is pretty A M A Z I N G, i did tear up some). But it has been cool watching & learning about some of the other sports that i wouldnt necessarily know about, ex curling...

But i think what really has gotten me this year, is that i finally realize what the olympics truely stand for. Its a way to have a friendly competition with elite athletes, but really, bringing the world together. i've been getting emotional watching the athletes of the US bring home medals, especially gold, when i can hear the national anthem & feel proud to be an American....& for all those that have fought & continue to fight to allow us our freedom ...

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  1. i'm more a summer olympics girl, but like you- this is the first time i've gotten into the winter olympics and shaun white... AMAZING!!! you're right. There's just such a sense of pride and connection. It's truly breath taking isn't it?

    and you hurt with them... like tonight with lindsey vonn? oh i felt for her.

    my olympian though... oh my olympian is Apolo Ohno. Gorgeous & talented? GO TEAM USA!!! ;)

    i miss watching with my family. We would have family date nights and sit in my paren'ts living room watching Phelps make history. It would make me so nervous when we'd watch the gymnastics though. My father was a great gymnast in high school. I still treasure the photographs of him doing the rings. He was so strong...

    it's neat to see your parents before you, you know?


  2. Me too... i'm all about the summer olympics! totally felt for lindsey vonn.... but so proud that she already won one gold with that hurt shin of hers.

    I never followed Apolo Ohno until this year... & you are so right super talented & not to bad on the eyes either :)

    You are right it is so neat to see your parents before they were parents. A whole different life they led... its crazy to think about!