Friday, August 6, 2010

all that I'm after is a life full of laughter....

Life has a strange way of creeping up on you, and sometimes you forget to stop & smell the roses....  We've had a crazy busy last couple of months, with weddings, family obligations, vacations, birthdays, friends & just the normal everyday.... doesn't seem like its going to slow up anytime soon since B & my shared calendar has pretty much been filled every weekend through the second weekend in october!  Luckily that means that we have some very fun times to come with some very special people!!

This summer has gone by way too fast.... although the heat has been killer! As much as I love the summer... I'm ready for a little bit cooler weather, to still be able to wear sandals but with some nice layering as well ( I have a total obsession with cardigans... B says I love them more than him!) 

Which brings me to the things I'm looking forward to.... FOOTBALL season! starts next Thursday night for us.... (GO RAVENS!!!). We've already started planning our little football party which includes Nachos, Sliders & sweet potato fries! whoop whoop!

We also are going to the MD crab festival @ National Harbor, The Avett Brothers w/ Grace Potter & the Nocturnals, More Weddings, Possibly Ohio for a family visit & vintage/antique fair, a college alumni golf tourney, College Friends visiting for a long holiday weekend!, Fells Point Fun Festival, Susan G.Komen Race for the Cure... and still more! i'm tired just thinking about it all.... but looking forward to it so much!!!

Have a fabulous weekend... i'll be enjoying mine with a bridal shower, date night with B, B's volunteer fire company picnic ( with crabs.. YAY!) & some family time...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

finding my footing..

the last couple weeks have been full of ups & downs.... its hard to have a moment when you think that everything is back to normal.  But i guess that is the journey of life...and helps us to be who we are & show us really how strong we are. And fortunately i'm lucky enough to have plenty of fabulous people who always have my back & are there to help pick me up whenever i start to fall. But i always need to remember that i need to find some time for me..

May has been crazy so far... every weekend has been jammed packed with things to do... which isnt necessarily a bad thing... but i can't wait until memorial day weekend to have no plans & just relax & possibly go & explore the city i already love just a little bit more.

So far we've gone to the farmer's market opening in the city, celebrated B's 30th bday & Mother's day with  our families....and coming up we have B's mom's graduation , a college friend's wedding, my 10yr High School Reunion (EEK!), and  my lil niecey bebe's 5th bday!!!...i can't believe she's going to be 5!!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

"pick your diamond pick your pearl there is beauty in the world...."

its a happy friday! FINALLY.... this week has drug on ( super sad face) & next week is going to be even harder with some unfortunate things happening at work... here's to hoping it doesn't affect me... Although i'm going to try & remain positive & enjoy what life has handed me so far in my life... because let's be honest i'm a pretty lucky girl & have some pretty amazing people in my life.... which i'm so completely thankful for.... & worst comes to worst... i know i'll be ok... i mean i always am :)

so here's to fun times this weekend... it's supposed to be thunderstormy tonight & B is on a 24 hr shift at the fire house tonight ... and i've been feeling out of it... so a low key night at home is what i'll be doing... but i'm more excited for our first spring trip to Boordy Vineyards on Sunday with good friends for their Reds, Whites, & Bluegrass festival.... B loves Bluegrass & i love vino ... so i think its a perfect pairing!

have a fabulous weekend!

Friday, April 9, 2010


It's opening day here in the lovely city of bawlmore hon.... and i couldn't be more excited.... this quite possibly be one of my favorite days/times of the year.... I'm so excited to have our friends over for a Oriole themed brunch before we head off to Pickles Pub for the shenanigans....

Happy O's Opening Day HON!!!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

hometown love....

the ever so lovely Danielle from dinosaur toes always does wishlist wednesday & this week I wanted to join in as well! My first in the series is all things maryland... who couldn't love the state that has it all..... 4 seasons, water, mountains, etc.... so here goes it....

I am in LOVE with this maryland pendant.... & the coolest thing is you can get the diamond placed where ever you want along the coast!

i'm a total crabbie girl... & love love loveeee this idea of these engraved Crab Mallets... perfect for a wedding... a birthday... or any celebration!!!

Growing up there was a little amusement park type place called the Enchanted Forest.... it had all these neat creatures & castle's & such all around... it closed down...but most of the pieces were bought by a farm.... i'd love to have this print of the castle to be able to reminisce of the times my grandparents took my sissy & i there...

Nothing is sweeter than some honey.... but i'm all for the natural products.... & this Maryland Wildflower Honey has me drooling....

Friday, April 2, 2010

gorgeous dahlin...

it's friday... and seriously i couldn't be much happier than that other than this weekend is going to be absolutely amazing weather wise. So here are some things i'm looking forward to in this 80 degree weather this weekend...

  • date night w/ Ambie on the rooftop terrace
  • cherry blossom tress blooming all over!
  • 1 week until the O's Opening day... O'snap!
  • roxers having a spa day & smelling & looking so fresh & so clean clean (clipping her daggers too!)
  • going to my fav summertime place in the city (Bay Cafe) .. if i can't get to the beach... then there is nothing better than my toes in their sand & jerk chicken.... 
  •  a friend's bday celebration
  •  easter w/ the fam.... can't wait to give these guys their baskets!!!
(bad phone photo)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Team Jacob.... but i'll take this...

Just saw on Lovely Little Things that Stephenie Meyer is releasing a new book based on the vampire newborn Bree Tanner from Eclipse (the short second life of bree tanner) which was my absolute favorite book in the series...  I CAN NOT wait.... and i just might have to pre-order my copy from B&N myself...

Synopsis- "Fans of The Twilight Saga will be enthralled by this riveting story of Bree Tanner, a character first introduced in Eclipse, and the darker side of the newborn vampire world she inhabits. In another irresistible combination of danger, mystery, and romance, Stephenie Meyer tells the devastating story of Bree and the newborn army as they prepare to close in on Bella Swan and the Cullens, following their encounter to its unforgettable conclusion." - B&N

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

rainy days make lazy days...


taking impromptu personal days
the smell of rain
the anticipation of the warm weather (this weekend YAY)
gourmet dinner nights w/ FAB friends & lovers
B getting a haircut & looking quite hot
watching new moon over & over again
getting crabs (not the bad kind) for the first time of the season
scratching things off my to do list (even if it does take some time....)
            planning our New Orleans trip for the summer!!!

*image from google

Friday, March 26, 2010

happy friday...

its a little dreary & rainy here today.... but its friday & i've been waiting all week for today!! i'm sneaking out of work early to have a lunch date w/ two besties... and who wouldn't want to dance in the rain like this lil one!?!?!

Have a fabulous weekend... I know i will :)

*image found on google images*

Thursday, March 25, 2010

puppy love...

this is what i woke up to this morning... my darling puppers Roxy... all curled up in a ball.... tough life this one has....i just want to eat her up i love her so....

Thursday, March 18, 2010

life is not a race....

 i have a rather fabulous friend whom i went to college with & really don't keep in contact with very much anymore. Not that anything happened or we don't want to....but unfortunately life happens & sometimes i'm not very good at keeping in touch. Although i'm very thankful for her & her friendship...because i know.... that no matter how many days or months or years go by....that she will always be someone i call a friend....and a very dear one at that. She has seen me through some tough times & some happy times.... she is brillant & creative & most importantly one of the most beautiful people i have ever met both on the inside & out.

She wrote this on a blog on myspace forever & a day ago & little does she know its something that i read & re-read over & over again whenever i need a lil pick me up...

"Don't undermine your worth
By comparing yourself with others.
It is because we are different
That makes each of us special.
Don't set goals by what other people
deem important,
Only you know what is best for you.
Don't take for granted the things
Closest to your heart,
Cling to them as you would your life,
For without them life is meaningless.
Don't let your life slip through your fingers
By living in the past or for the future.
By living your life one day at a time,
You live all the days of your life.
Don't give up when you still have
something to give.
Nothing is really over
Until the moment you stop trying.
Don't be afraid to admit that you are
less than perfect.
It is this fragile thread
That binds us to each other.
Don't be afraid to encounter risks.
It is by taking chances
That we learn how to be brave.
Don't shut love out of your life
By saying it's impossible to find.
The quickest way to receive love
is to give love,
The fastest way to lose love
Is to hold it too tightly,
And the best way to keep love
Is to give it wings.
Don't dismiss your dreams.
To be without dreams is to be without hope.
To be without hope is to be without purpose.
Don't run through life so fast
That you forget not only where you have been,
But also where you are going.
Life is not a race
But a journey to be savored
Each step of the way..."

Thursday, February 18, 2010

american pride...

this is the first year that i have really gotten into the winter olympics. I mean i really hate the cold & i really really really really dislike the snow (esp since we have gotten wayyyy too much this year in b-more)... but i've been finding myself watching the olympics every night when i come home. Some of the sports i sit back & wonder the heck did they ever decide this is the (insert crazy sport in here) that i want to excel at? Of course i tend to be drawn to the more extreme sports such as snowboarding ( i mean shaun white is pretty A M A Z I N G, i did tear up some). But it has been cool watching & learning about some of the other sports that i wouldnt necessarily know about, ex curling...

But i think what really has gotten me this year, is that i finally realize what the olympics truely stand for. Its a way to have a friendly competition with elite athletes, but really, bringing the world together. i've been getting emotional watching the athletes of the US bring home medals, especially gold, when i can hear the national anthem & feel proud to be an American....& for all those that have fought & continue to fight to allow us our freedom ...

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