Friday, April 2, 2010

gorgeous dahlin...

it's friday... and seriously i couldn't be much happier than that other than this weekend is going to be absolutely amazing weather wise. So here are some things i'm looking forward to in this 80 degree weather this weekend...

  • date night w/ Ambie on the rooftop terrace
  • cherry blossom tress blooming all over!
  • 1 week until the O's Opening day... O'snap!
  • roxers having a spa day & smelling & looking so fresh & so clean clean (clipping her daggers too!)
  • going to my fav summertime place in the city (Bay Cafe) .. if i can't get to the beach... then there is nothing better than my toes in their sand & jerk chicken.... 
  •  a friend's bday celebration
  •  easter w/ the fam.... can't wait to give these guys their baskets!!!
(bad phone photo)

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