Monday, February 28, 2011

wishing & hoping...

Since my birthday is on sunday ... I figured i might put together a short list of wishlist items

A fun lil polka scarf from Old Navy.. because I'm obsessed with scarves!

These perfectly pretty feather earrings from Etsy . They would look great with just a T & jeans, some wedges!

I've been dying for a skinny leopard print belt & this one is on sale too!

This funky lil zebra necklace.. I ADORE! It's got a lil party hat on & everything. I love zebras & I love parties! Bring it!

And finally I want want want these Gap Jeans! I'm a huge fan of flares & wide legs... and these are super long for my long legs!!!

So I'm crossing my fingers & toes for this fun stuff... (although some purchases may just be made by me...hehe)

beacoup amour!!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

lovely lovelies...

so in our bedroom, I'm using an old singer sewing machine as my vanity. And I am kinda in love with the idea...still. Its in between our windows, so its the perfect place to do all things girly with great light. I'm trying to not go overly girly... since like  I mentioned... I share the room with a boy. But, like I mentioned it's in between two windows, so there is this bare empty wall just screaming to be covered with something fun. My idea is to put up some funky pictures/ prints, in all different sizes etc.

So far these are some of my favorites I've found on etsy. I'll also frame a few prints of some travels that we have gone on, which can be added to or updated with our future adventures.


perfect lil reminder

I know that is a greeting card, but how pretty would it be matted & in a frame! Also, some of my Fav lyrics!


I totally want a print with these lyrics, it is the perfect song & perfect saying.

there is something just lovely about the ampersand

and just a lil somethin somethin for fun... because we all need a lil reminder!

So these are on my wishlist for now... hopefully to be a part of my lil space soon enough! Until then I'll keep searching the blog-verse to find more inspiration!

beaucoup l'amour!

oh...and I finally found my option for my closet using shelves from Ikea of all places!

Friday, February 18, 2011


Do you remember that friday night series of shows that was all the RAGE growing up (ok.. maybe I just dated myself some). I remember not being able to wait for Full House, Family Matters, Step by Step... but my favorite by far was Perfect Strangers... I died laughing at every single episode following along in all the shenanigans... even though that lil lineup is long gone... I still can't help but get excited everytime a friday rolls along!

I'm looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend at home with some fun times planned & some organizing!  Tonight we're getting all dolled up for a Company Event for B's job in downtown Annapolis. Let me tell food & DRINKS... so there!   The weather here is supposed to reach 72 degrees today... WOO HOO! Bring on the spring.

Some other things I have planned for this weekend...
-Catch up on some reading
-Take the puppers for some good walks, exploring our still new to us neighborhood
-Hitting up the gym
-Possibly getting the things needed for the closet/shoe renovation
-Organizing & setting up our entry closet
-walking around & dinner in Annapolis

there of course are some other things on my list of  "to-do's" but i think the above tops them all! I don't get president's day off but, I decided to use one of my floating holidays & take off... so i will be enjoying my 3 day weekend!

Happy Weekend!
beacoup amour

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

stickin' to it...

so one of my new year's goals was to be more organized... with life. ha! no really, to write more dates & tasks down, to have a place for everything & everything in it's place. I've had some progress... but then I've somewhat slid back... so now I'm playing catch up. I guess my main problem is that I try to tackle everything at once... and I need to make some smaller goals or I should say areas.

Sooo... one of my biggest problem areas is my bedroom. I'm so bad at throwing clothes off & on the floor when I come home... and throwing clothes off & on the floor when I'm scrounging for something to wear ( we all have those days!).  I'm also really bad about just junking up the dresser, nightstand, vanity... you name it.. there is SOMETHING on it. And I'm not talking about pretty something's either.

My idea when we bought & moved into our new house, was to have our bedroom  have a parisian feel to it. Without being overly girl, since I was sharing said room with a boy.  I died over the love letters bedding from Anthro, but ultimately decided (or harassed by college friends) that it was entirely too girly to make a guy sleep under, even though he said he liked it ( which they said it was because I loved it). I feel like I'm slowly making my way to that feel, but I'm ready to make it really done, clean & ORGANIZED!

Our walls our painted in what was Lowe's Vaspar Soft Pumpkin, which is a peachy orangey color. Possibly not what most everyone would pick but I like the color for the feminity & masculinity of it. Plus our Master is GIGANTIC, so the color didn't overpower the room. I got the sconces from Ikea, the Inital Letters on Clearance from Kohl's. The bottom picture under the S is from Etsy (ArtShark Designs) & the top right picture above the B is from Etsy  as well, (The Love Shop ) & it's an Edgar Allen Poe (whom is my ABSOLUTE fav!) quote from Annabelle Lee " We loved with a love that was more than love". The Bedding is from Tar-get! Which matched perfectly & even though you can't see it.. it is tan's & gray swirly things! We are now in the process of looking for a new bedframe & nightstands though. We want some smaller nightstands & a king size bed ( our pups have taken over our queenie!).

Pardon the image... it's from my cell phone, but you get the jist.

I've been working on jewelry storage & an old vintage singer sewing machine/table made into a vanity. More pics to come on that!

but i digress... my main focus is on my closet( B gave me the whole thing!). It is big...but no walk-in... well it has a walk-in but it's strange. So I've just been racking my  brain on how to get the most out of the space. It has double hanging bars already & some built in shelves, which definitely help & are super nice, but my biggest problem right now is my shoes... and I have TONS of shoes, I think its a problem, or a complex... but you always feel good in shoes & they always fit no matter if you gain that extra 5-10 lbs.

This is what I'd LURRRVEE to do, something similar to this. This is Jcrew's Jenna Lyon's & of course who wouldn't want to model thier closet after her's?!?!?! This is the inspiration. Albeit, mine will be a smaller scale...


I've found the elfa system from the container store, so I'll just need my dimensions of the closet & see how far those will stick out. Because like I said, my walk-in not so walk-in closet is weird...  meaning there is only a small space to get to where the back shelves are & my set up that I have currently (shoes in clear boxes) doesn't work well for getting back there (cue the boxes alllll falling over...)

so i've glad a plan in  mind... and i'm a woman on a mission to organize a pretty little closet!

beaucoup d'amour

Monday, February 7, 2011

makin' changes...

well well well its been a long while since I've written in my lil space.  And a lot has happened in this past  year. I went from living with friends to living with a boyfriend... in a house we purchased in the good ol' burbs. I never thought I'd live in the city forever... but I honestly never thought I'd move out so soon. There are things I definitely miss but there are things that I am learning to love better ( like a bigger home... & bigger closets!!!). I made a goal this year ( because who really sticks to resolutions?!) to become more organized. Being a pisces I have always tended to start something & not finish or forget about it (hmm like i kinda did with this whole blog thing...) but so far in keeping with this goal ... I have made progress... and PROGRESS is key!

I've been through alot this year... with family, friends, and also losing our beloved Bailey girl (b's border collie mix) due to bone cancer. I opened my heart & received nothing but love in return, which i couldn't be more thankful for. I'm watching my niece & nephew grow before my eyes. And enjoying our little family we've created, my Roxy girl & our newest addition 9month old puppy Boh ( who seriously might be the most laid back puppy known to man).

I'm hoping (another goal) to use this space as a place to get creative again & explore some more!

Of course a post isn't complete without some pictures... so here are these two... for some reason i can't get anymore up!

 a lil Ravens fun @ girls night out!