Monday, February 28, 2011

wishing & hoping...

Since my birthday is on sunday ... I figured i might put together a short list of wishlist items

A fun lil polka scarf from Old Navy.. because I'm obsessed with scarves!

These perfectly pretty feather earrings from Etsy . They would look great with just a T & jeans, some wedges!

I've been dying for a skinny leopard print belt & this one is on sale too!

This funky lil zebra necklace.. I ADORE! It's got a lil party hat on & everything. I love zebras & I love parties! Bring it!

And finally I want want want these Gap Jeans! I'm a huge fan of flares & wide legs... and these are super long for my long legs!!!

So I'm crossing my fingers & toes for this fun stuff... (although some purchases may just be made by me...hehe)

beacoup amour!!!

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE your style and that necklace! ha sooo cute!!!!

    happy early birthday, birthday almost twin ;) mines monday so cheers to us! i hope you get spoiled with at least one of these for sure. x