Monday, February 7, 2011

makin' changes...

well well well its been a long while since I've written in my lil space.  And a lot has happened in this past  year. I went from living with friends to living with a boyfriend... in a house we purchased in the good ol' burbs. I never thought I'd live in the city forever... but I honestly never thought I'd move out so soon. There are things I definitely miss but there are things that I am learning to love better ( like a bigger home... & bigger closets!!!). I made a goal this year ( because who really sticks to resolutions?!) to become more organized. Being a pisces I have always tended to start something & not finish or forget about it (hmm like i kinda did with this whole blog thing...) but so far in keeping with this goal ... I have made progress... and PROGRESS is key!

I've been through alot this year... with family, friends, and also losing our beloved Bailey girl (b's border collie mix) due to bone cancer. I opened my heart & received nothing but love in return, which i couldn't be more thankful for. I'm watching my niece & nephew grow before my eyes. And enjoying our little family we've created, my Roxy girl & our newest addition 9month old puppy Boh ( who seriously might be the most laid back puppy known to man).

I'm hoping (another goal) to use this space as a place to get creative again & explore some more!

Of course a post isn't complete without some pictures... so here are these two... for some reason i can't get anymore up!

 a lil Ravens fun @ girls night out!


  1. wow! so many magical changes!!!

    though i was so sad to hear about your family dog cos i know how hard it is :(

    i can't wait to hear more and see more of your new place! :) we also moved to el paso, tx (i do miss lynchburg!) and i now have a husband :) can't wait to catch up! xo

  2. even though I haven't been writing on here... i've still been following your adventures! and I'm soooo super happy for you!!! there have been a lot of changes in this past year but all for the better.

  3. Thanks for the cat eye tips! I haven't tried the liner pots yet.
    xx Stephanie