Friday, August 6, 2010

all that I'm after is a life full of laughter....

Life has a strange way of creeping up on you, and sometimes you forget to stop & smell the roses....  We've had a crazy busy last couple of months, with weddings, family obligations, vacations, birthdays, friends & just the normal everyday.... doesn't seem like its going to slow up anytime soon since B & my shared calendar has pretty much been filled every weekend through the second weekend in october!  Luckily that means that we have some very fun times to come with some very special people!!

This summer has gone by way too fast.... although the heat has been killer! As much as I love the summer... I'm ready for a little bit cooler weather, to still be able to wear sandals but with some nice layering as well ( I have a total obsession with cardigans... B says I love them more than him!) 

Which brings me to the things I'm looking forward to.... FOOTBALL season! starts next Thursday night for us.... (GO RAVENS!!!). We've already started planning our little football party which includes Nachos, Sliders & sweet potato fries! whoop whoop!

We also are going to the MD crab festival @ National Harbor, The Avett Brothers w/ Grace Potter & the Nocturnals, More Weddings, Possibly Ohio for a family visit & vintage/antique fair, a college alumni golf tourney, College Friends visiting for a long holiday weekend!, Fells Point Fun Festival, Susan G.Komen Race for the Cure... and still more! i'm tired just thinking about it all.... but looking forward to it so much!!!

Have a fabulous weekend... i'll be enjoying mine with a bridal shower, date night with B, B's volunteer fire company picnic ( with crabs.. YAY!) & some family time...


  1. Thanks for your comment and the recommendations. Glad you had a nice time there.

  2. Lovely pic. And you're right, this summer came and went without notice.