Wednesday, May 12, 2010

finding my footing..

the last couple weeks have been full of ups & downs.... its hard to have a moment when you think that everything is back to normal.  But i guess that is the journey of life...and helps us to be who we are & show us really how strong we are. And fortunately i'm lucky enough to have plenty of fabulous people who always have my back & are there to help pick me up whenever i start to fall. But i always need to remember that i need to find some time for me..

May has been crazy so far... every weekend has been jammed packed with things to do... which isnt necessarily a bad thing... but i can't wait until memorial day weekend to have no plans & just relax & possibly go & explore the city i already love just a little bit more.

So far we've gone to the farmer's market opening in the city, celebrated B's 30th bday & Mother's day with  our families....and coming up we have B's mom's graduation , a college friend's wedding, my 10yr High School Reunion (EEK!), and  my lil niecey bebe's 5th bday!!!...i can't believe she's going to be 5!!!

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