Thursday, February 24, 2011

lovely lovelies...

so in our bedroom, I'm using an old singer sewing machine as my vanity. And I am kinda in love with the idea...still. Its in between our windows, so its the perfect place to do all things girly with great light. I'm trying to not go overly girly... since like  I mentioned... I share the room with a boy. But, like I mentioned it's in between two windows, so there is this bare empty wall just screaming to be covered with something fun. My idea is to put up some funky pictures/ prints, in all different sizes etc.

So far these are some of my favorites I've found on etsy. I'll also frame a few prints of some travels that we have gone on, which can be added to or updated with our future adventures.


perfect lil reminder

I know that is a greeting card, but how pretty would it be matted & in a frame! Also, some of my Fav lyrics!


I totally want a print with these lyrics, it is the perfect song & perfect saying.

there is something just lovely about the ampersand

and just a lil somethin somethin for fun... because we all need a lil reminder!

So these are on my wishlist for now... hopefully to be a part of my lil space soon enough! Until then I'll keep searching the blog-verse to find more inspiration!

beaucoup l'amour!

oh...and I finally found my option for my closet using shelves from Ikea of all places!

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  1. I think I need the ampersand & messy hair prints too! Happy early birthday. Hope you get all the lovelies your wishing & hoping for ;)