Friday, February 18, 2011


Do you remember that friday night series of shows that was all the RAGE growing up (ok.. maybe I just dated myself some). I remember not being able to wait for Full House, Family Matters, Step by Step... but my favorite by far was Perfect Strangers... I died laughing at every single episode following along in all the shenanigans... even though that lil lineup is long gone... I still can't help but get excited everytime a friday rolls along!

I'm looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend at home with some fun times planned & some organizing!  Tonight we're getting all dolled up for a Company Event for B's job in downtown Annapolis. Let me tell food & DRINKS... so there!   The weather here is supposed to reach 72 degrees today... WOO HOO! Bring on the spring.

Some other things I have planned for this weekend...
-Catch up on some reading
-Take the puppers for some good walks, exploring our still new to us neighborhood
-Hitting up the gym
-Possibly getting the things needed for the closet/shoe renovation
-Organizing & setting up our entry closet
-walking around & dinner in Annapolis

there of course are some other things on my list of  "to-do's" but i think the above tops them all! I don't get president's day off but, I decided to use one of my floating holidays & take off... so i will be enjoying my 3 day weekend!

Happy Weekend!
beacoup amour

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