Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Seinfeld is definitely a show that reminds me of my Dad.  Even well after the show ended my Dad would still watch all the re-runs that came on.   One of the episodes that really sticks out and reminds me of him, is the one where Kramer was in the fictional Woody Allen movie, his line was "These pretzels are making me thirsty!" and he kept saying it in many different ways through out the episode.   I don't remember why or how, but this is something that my dad and I continued to carry out at random times.  And then came the gag gifts at Christmas and other occasions, a bag of pretzels here and there etc.  This past Christmas when we found out my dad was sick, I already had ordered him a custom coffee mug from an Etsy shop Lenny Mud , that had a pretzel image on it, with the saying "these pretzels are making me thirsty". My dad loved it, and I was happy to give him something with such meaning to the both of us, and to use while he drank his favorite cup of Kamodo from Starbucks.

Since his passing, I've been trying to surround myself with things that remind me of him, and the memories we've shared. Pictures are definitely great reminders but other things that can spark a memory are nice as well. As soon as I saw this Seinfood print on A Cup of Jo , I knew I had to get it to place on our gallery wall.
To always be a constant reminder, of how something so simple, made so many wonderful memories and something that was between just us.

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