Wednesday, May 15, 2013


I know this is an old post on Glitter Guide.... but I happened upon it again today while perusing Pinterest(ok ok... procrastinating). When I read this last paragraph...the last line... it really it hit me. I've been in a funk lately... and I think this was surely a way to kick me in my rear.... realize it and get out of it. Because... I'm the only one who can change it right? Right.

"But the best way to sparkle is just to make the most out of each day – drinking champagne when it’s not a special occasion, writing a handwritten thank you note, maintaining a clean and clutter free space (trying to at least), or buying fresh flowers from time to time. It keeps the mundane away!"

But seriously... why must we wait for SOMETHING to happen to celebrate it? Every day is a new day, and that should be a celebration in itself. So I'm going to make a promise and a commitment to myself (I'll have to stick to it now because it's out in the interwebs for all to hold me to it, k?) to start to celebrate the small things, do something every day to break the normal every day routine.

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