Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Barn Sale

This weekend down the road from our house there was a fall barn sale, they have one in the fall & spring.  I missed it in the spring, but was glad that I got to check it out this weekend. Here are some fun things that I loved to look at, and would have loved to have... oh if I was a hoarder...


We ended  up getting a few things, a milk glass candy jar & antlers (below), a huge wooden serving tray, an iron lobster (this was hidden & I was super pumped!) and a candle by Rewined that smells like Cabernet. Awesomesauce.

Oh and in that candy dish is some amazingness... Candy Corn Taffy from Fresh Market... DELISH!

I love fall!


  1. I LOVE fall too (i have a fall giveaway on my blog right now btw! ;) shameless plug? ew i know) and would have loved to have gone to this-- love your candy dish purchase but even more so because you're a girl after my own heart-- TAFFY!

    enjoy delicious fall, esp. in your part of the world. how i miss the changing of leaves.

    1. Ohh and that taffy is to die for! I'm soaking in this season for sure... pretty soon it will be bitter cold, with snow!