Friday, October 12, 2012

Orioles Magic!

 I'm so excited that our Orioles pulled one out last night after the heartbreaking loss the night before in extra innings.  But we pulled through... and tonight we are in GAME 5!!!  I have to say though, that even if we don't end up winning and moving on... this season... has been magically. And has brought that O's magic back to Baltimore.  B & I have been Orioles fans through the thick and thin. Supporting them in when they were in the dumps. But thankfully this year, they took a turn ...and we are in GAME 5!!!!! (sorry it's still surreal) . I will be holding my breathe and sitting on the edge of my couch while watching the game tonight.

me & relief pitcher Brian Matusz on Opening Day 2012

Opening day 2012

My dear friend Amy & I on opening day!

Needless to say.. I'm super pumped for our Baltimore Orioles! And am hoping that we can pull this win out tonight!

LET'S GO O's!!!!

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